How luxury vinyl flooring will change your life

With luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) you’ll never again have to long for something that, for whatever reason, you just can’t have. You’ll have a completely up-to-date decor with all the latest trends in wood, stone, or tile. There will also be every modern convenience, as well as high function, all at a budget-friendly cost.

Addressing one of the greatest consumer concerns

Today’s consumer is increasingly concerned about water and moisture, no matter where they live. LVF is a completely waterproof flooring so feel free to install it in the bathroom, kitchen, or any wet room, but remember it's so stylish it can also be installed in the living/dining area or bedroom. We also see it in some high-end homes where only real wood or stone would ever be considered.

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Style and technology

Technology, like 3D photography, creates an image layer that is so clear and true-to-life that some often have trouble discerning it from the real thing. You will see knots, grains, wormholes, swirls, and stone color and veining variations. Tile colors and patterns will pop and it's all finished with a variety of matte, gloss, and high gloss colors. Embossing adds depth and dimension, as well as textured appearances such as wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered, and distressed.

The material can be cut into planks or tile-sized pieces and many feel the extra seams of a cut add to the realism. Some take it even further by using grout with luxury vinyl tile to look like caulking. On the other hand, some use vinyl plank flooring to mimic stone looks because they feel the large format/fewer seams make it look more like a quarried slab.

Other ways it changes your life include easy maintenance with just a regular sweeping and periodic mopping. It’s also durable because the top layer is a clear melamine wear sheet that protects the floor from scratches and scuffs. If properly taken care of, an LVF floor can last more than 15 years.

Installation is fast and uncomplicated. It is a floating floor technique, where the pieces click together to form a mat. The mat then hovers over the subfloor with no nails or glue; sometimes an underlayment is recommended for stability. The subfloor also needs to be clean, dry, and level.

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