Bathroom remodeling


Improvements to consider for your bathroom remodeling

A bathroom renovation adds value, updates the style, and makes it more functional and efficient. While many of us think mainly about lighting, storage, or the complete changing of layouts, we need to think about fixture upgrades as well. When planning what kind of work you want done to improve your space, discuss your needs, and wants thoroughly with your bathroom remodeling service.

A bathtub is not always a necessity

Most people install them because they think they should and it’s no longer true that a bathroom with a tub only appeals to prospective buyers unless they have kids. Now it depends on how you plan to use the room. If you never take baths, it might make sense to do a tub-to-shower conversion if you just have one big shower. All they have to do is remove the tub surround.



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The bathroom sets the tone of the house, the shower sets the tone of the bathroom

One of our taglines is "You dream it, we build it." Close your eyes and imagine a shower remodeling with a clean, new drain tray and fresh, gleaming floors and walls.

One of the biggest problems in keeping the bathroom clean is the amount of humidity and moisture in the room. Even with a great ceiling fan, it can still build up, and water can seep out into both the surface and subfloor, get behind the tile and create a lot of problems. Keep water in the shower by using a waterproof membrane. Bathroom remodeling services, such as ours, can explain in more detail.

Other renovation services are Increasing storage with some shower niches or upgrading the floor. One great idea is to install a marble stone floor with some glass wall tiles. This creates the atmosphere of a high-end spa. Wood floors are popular now so consider installing wood-look tile.

Remodeling tub surrounds

Although you can get them in many materials, from PVC to fiberglass and acrylic, the one that adds the most glamour is a marble surround. It has a luxurious look, is resistant to most shampoos and soaps, and is available in an assortment of colors and patterns, from solids to granite and marble patterns. Solid surfacing is a great stone-look alternative. Although it’s made from plastic composites it can also be made from engineered stone, such as marble, granite, or quartz chips. Once it hardens, it’s polished until smooth.

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