Benefits of carpet flooring

At Floor Depot we constantly hear this question in our Florida showroom: "Which is better, carpet flooring or a hard surface?" Despite the long-going debate among designers, rugs are always the preferred choice among the millions of homeowners. It not only adds glamour, warmth, and elegance to your home but has many functional traits that set it apart from other floorings. When shopping for carpet flooring in Dunedin, FL, be sure to come into our showroom to explore our large inventory.

Carpet floors: high-end style and modern function

One of the greatest benefits is the style. What with all the colors, patterns, designs, textures, fibers, and prices, there’s something for everyone. Technology has created expanded color palettes, digital patterning that creates vibrant and long-lasting ornamentation throughout its life and even has stain-resistance that’s built permanently right into the fiber.

There are five basic styles: Berber, which is a low pile (short, tightly woven fibers) loop style. The shag and frieze are often confused with each other, but the shag has long, straight, loose fibers while the frieze has long, tightly twisted ones, resulting in a curly effect. Cut and loop mean some fibers are cut and others are looped, creating pattern and texture. The iconic Saxony is a cut pile (the fibers are cropped in varying lengths) with two sub-categories: Saxony Plush, which has a velvety texture, and Saxony Straight, a highly patterned texture.

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Providing both noise and temperature insulation

Because of its cushioning, footsteps, conversations, and beeping devices are muffled or eliminated. You might notice that, even when hard surfaces are used, area rugs are often placed over them. As a decorative tool, these little rugs accent and highlight undertones, but from a functional one, they absorb echoes, keeping vibrations from bouncing off the walls. Also, rather than transferring cold or hot, a rug retains the room temperature, saving energy costs.

Other benefits include the fact that it aids health. Study after study shows that rugs trap pollutants into their fibers where they remain until the rug is deep-cleaned. This keeps them from flying into the air, resulting in improved indoor air quality. Rugs also provide safety and soft falls; since they have excellent traction (grip), slips and falls are diminished, or at least cushioned.

Consider Floor Depot your one-stop-shopping source for carpet. We carry the brands you know and trust, plus some of niche and specialty ones. Our showroom is in Dunedin, FL so stop in, especially if you live in Dunedin, FL, Clearwater, FL, Palm Harbor, FL, Oldsmar, FL, Tarpon Springs, FL, Largo, FL, Seminole, FL, St Petersburg, FL, Tampa, FL, and New Port Richey, FL. Ask about your free carpeting quote today.